a case study


The scope of this case study is to identify problems in IKEA app. These problems have been identified through research on the user experience of 10 customers. IKEA is one of the largest furniture companies in the world. It has a great variety of products with useful, simple and minimalistic designs. 


To identify usability issue in the IKEA App.



Analysis: User survey –  User Persona – WAAD

Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototype


Illustrator – Photoshop – Axure RP



Users think it’s not easy to find items.

When we search for a product through the app, we see different “categories”. Users have found these categories confusing.


Consistency and user control.

Users should not have to wonder whether different words, situations, or actions mean the same thing. Follow platform and industry conventions. Users often perform actions by mistake. They need a clearly marked “emergency exit” to leave the unwanted action.


Users emotional experience.

The IKEA app has a function that allows to place the furniture in a real space using augmented reality. However, users still prefer to shop in person.

I propose a redesign of search functionality. The information we display to the user should be rearranged so that we have a more intuitive design.

Users expect the same experience on different devices. IKEA website and app should have the same features and use the same labels and have the same navigation items.

The app should have a VR section where I can observe an item in the same way I’d do in the shop. The items should have a greater image resolution.


I started my analysis process by analyzing IKEA biggest competitor, their strengths and their weaknesses.

I proceeded with a survey to understand which factors cause the biggest frustrations to IKEA app users.

One of the most powerful method to conduct my analysis, was by using the Heuristic Evaluation. This method is useful for e-commerce analysis because it can isolate a lot of usability problems.

A Work Affinity Activity Diagram (WAAD) helped me to synthesize the analysis result and the creation of a User Persona made me better understand users and their needs.




Difficult to find items – shop by category and rooms

The app allows to search for items by category or by room. These first sequence of displays show the actual path in case we want to find an item by category. This is not intuitive. The option “category” shouldn’t be a chip in the same bar of the filters.

This is instead the search by “room”. There’s no consistency between this option in the app and the website. As we can see in the display #1 it is impossible to understand the rooms from the pictures. We can use the top bar to select a specific room. In the display #2 we find another problem. Once again the pictures shown are not able to make me understand which category of that room I’m clicking on.

Existing flow for shopping by category (top) and by room (bottom)

I propose that the app should immediately suggest searching by room or by category. When I open one of them the division should be clear with appropriate images.

New wireframes shopping by category
New wireframes shopping by room